One of the biggest decisions you have as an immigrant, is the place that you want to live in. What city, urbanization, house or apartment.

Of course there is much to consider, beginning with how much money you are willing to pay.

If you took the big decision to leave your country and chose America as your destination, there are many things that you have to consider, especially with a destination as large and diverse as the USA.

There is no perfect list of cities to live in that will ensure that you will be happy and live comfortably. The main thing to take into account are the issues such as working conditions, weather, what kind of place you want… Do you want a place to settle down, to meet people or to show it to your friends in the UK?

The first thing you might consider is the places you’ve known before due to traveling, but you must keep you head clear and remember that traveling is very different from living.

To live in a new place, you need to make this site suit you.

  1. Big is beautiful.

A city is always a good option in the U.S., most of them have doctors, hospital, schools, cinemas, night life, public transport, British consulate, international airport. All the amenities that an immigrant may need to undertake in the adventure of living in a new country

  1. If you want to get away from it all.

If you are searching peace, a connection with nature, in the U.S. you will have some of the world’s greatest outdoors, such as the beautiful Rockies and Appalachian mountain ranges.

For example, New England is gorgeous, and conveniently close to Boston and New York if you need an occasional dose of civilization.

These remote areas are cheaper than the city, but prepare for sewage disposal, power and food

      3. Climate

You  moved and love your house, at least in winter.

It’s important to consider the climate where you move, for example, in Arizona, Texas and New Mexico, the heat is so hard in summer that you won’t want to leave your home (of course, if you have air conditioning)

There are other hurricane-prone areas or constant rain. One of the quietest places is capable Southern Carolina, it has a stable climate almost all year.

       4.Work place. 

Let’s say you come to America with a job already established or get a job barely as you arrived to America. If you get fired, you will have only six months to find a new one.

Places where unemployment is low: South Dakota and North, Nebraska, California and Arizona.

The cities with the fastest growing jobs are: Texas, Nevada and Arizona

5. Work place

Maybe work is scarce, but in America entrepreneurs and investors have a lot of opportunities. A survey by thumbtack.com found which cities are the best and the worst for entrepreneurs

The Best: Idaho, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah are the most business friendly states

The Worst: California

        6. Entertainment.

Most towns have at least one movie house and local TV channels, but if you want coverage of U.K. sports, for example, it will be difficult.

The internet does not reach everywhere precisely, as one tends to think, especially in the western region of the United States. You must think through this before deciding where to live, especially if you need internet for your job or because it is essential to be logged in

        7. Raising a family. 

United States could be one of the best and the worst places to bring up children. Best? Because it has adequate services to the needs and tastes of the children, but yet is the worst place to watch the children grow because unfortunate situations are reported in the Schools of Americans.

Child-Friendly: Grand Rapis, Michigan, Boise, Provo, Idaho y Utah -> Good schools and low crime.

Dallas or New York aren’t the most adequate places for kids

         8. Retirement. 

Along with nice weather, you might also want – or want to avoid – other retired people and nearby assisted living.

Florida and Arizona are great options, you can have low tax and high sunshine.

If you do not mind rain: Portland in Oregon is perfect for you. It has a lively community without the tourist pressure of San Francisco.

Attention: Santa Monica has a large British expat community! The East Coast is easier for U.K.-based relatives to visit.

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