One of the most expensive investments you can make as student in the United States is a college education, since it’s one of the most expensive in the world.

To be able to afford a college education, many young people opt for scholarships, and among these are the ones for outstanding scholarship athletes. If they get in, the world of active intercollegiate competition starts.

Each year about 150,000 students are benefited from the 2,700 million spots available for scholarship athletes, according to data from the National Association of College Athletes.

These grants allow students to pay the full or partial academic costs, health insurance, and high-level sports training that include equipment and uniforms.

But things are not easy, the competition is really tough. Few win, many lose, but at least all try.

Probably you think about football, baseball or basketball, but the list of sports is quite spacious and is not without some unusual sports…

According to a BBC study, these are some of the strange but highly rated sports that help you get a visa:

“Athletes” video game “League of Legends”

The University of Illinois and the University of Pikeville in Kentucky see this “sport” as valuable as a sport that is part of the category of electronic or E-sports.

Several US universities have created eSports programs. For this cases university created a special training program, scholarship system and infrastructure.

About 67 million people play League of Legends each month worldwide.

Electronic athletes participate in a league of 106 university faculties and practices are Monday through Friday for four hours.

Sports made of wood

This sport is a discipline in which all activities involve wood.

Athletes compete in traditional outdoor sports such as woodcutting, climb trees, throwing axes, campfires and boating.

This is another sport that manages to be sponsored by companies and the university offers two full scholarships annually.

West isn’t West without the Rodeo. It is one of their traditional sports, and a few know that since 1949 this is a professional sport.

Approximately 126 universities are enrolled and about 345 students competing each year in 11 regions try to qualify for the National Rodeo University
There are several types of scholarships, some are complete packages that cover tuition and rooms where students are.
Furthermore universities have sports clubs where students / athletes raise funds in a more traditional way.

Careers in snowshoes
This sport is called snowshoe in English.

This snow sport takes place in a cross country on a similar racquets shoes. This is part of the Arctic Winter Games and the Special Olympics Winter.
Athletes compete in various activities individually or in teams.


This is a very popular sport that is now possible to find even in urban center which begins in schools with rock climbing walls.

Although it isnot considered a professional sport in the U,S Universities such as the New York Institute of

Technology or the University of Wyoming, already have their climbing programs.

The funding provides students with college ranges from medical expenses, equipment, and in some cases an extension of tuition, room and study materials.

Other sports
Probably you saw or heard about this sport sometimes.

In America the Quidditch has a league with 4,000 athletes registered, this sport is inspired by the popular book series Harry Potter

In addition to the billions of dollars invested by US universities in finance careers to crown champion athletes, another culture foundations, clubs and organizations also offer money for outstanding student athletes amateur sports.

A student may apply for small grants of between US $ 500 and US $ 5,000 if you play paintball, racing medieval horse-drawn carts, underwater hockey or popular Quidditch.

Several of these sports leagues have organized intercollegiate competitions and hope that someday their discipline is included in US professional sports

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