According to the United Nations Population Division, an international migrant is someone who has been living for one year or longer in a country other than the one in which he or she was born. This means that many foreign workers and international students are counted as migrants.

Migrants have both an origin and a destination; international migrants can be viewed from two directions – as an emigrant (leaving an origin country) or as an immigrant (entering a destination country).

In  2013, 5 million people born in the United Kingdom were living in other countries.

This time we present a list showing the number of Britons who have decided to leave the UK and the fifteen most popular countries where they have moved.

1-  Australia:   1.280.000 U.K immigrants

2- United States:  760.000 U.K immigrants

3 – Canada:    670.000 U.K immigrants

4-  Spain: 380.000 U.K immigrants

5- New Zealand:  310.000 U.K immigrants

6- South Africa:  310.000 U.K immigrants

7- Ireland  250.000 U.K immigrants

8 – Germany  100.000  U.K immigrants

9- Channel Islands: 70.000 U.K immigrants

10- Italy:  70.000 U.K immigrants

11- Netherlands: 50.000 U.K Immigrants

12- Switzerland: 50.000 U.K Immigrants

13- Cyprus:  40.000 U.K immigrants

14- Isle of Man:  40.000 U.K immigrants

15- Poland: 40.ooo U.K Immigrants


In the United Stated the top countries of origin for European immigrants were the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Russia, and Italy.

More than half of all European immigrants resided in five states: New York, California, Illinois, Florida, and New Jersey.
New York had the largest number of European immigrants.

Other states with European immigrant populations greater than 130,000 included Massachusetts, Texas, Pennsylvania, Washington, Connecticut  and Michigan.

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