Recomendation letter

Mr xxxxx
AddressDear Mr XXXXGreetings from xxxxxI’m writing to offer my support for the E2 Treaty Trader visa application recently summited by the xxxxx (Name of the Company)
My team have developed a compelling plan to expand (Name of the city, state, etc.) economy through the attraction of immigrant investment for the development of several job-intensive industries concentrated in (address). My administrative team led by xxxxxxx has reviewed the (name of the company) opportunity, and we believe it advances a viable strategy for economic development
In these troubling economic times, I find the job creation projections outlined in this application very encouraging, particularly to the degree that these jobs will impact (city, state, etc.). I am optimist that approved E2 visa application to investment in our state will yield unprecedented innovation and economic development opportunities
The administrator of xxxx, (name of the person) stands ready to assist with the application review process, and to answer any specific questions that you may have.

Governor of xxxxxxxx