O1 Visa for Artists and Musicians

General information about the O1 Visa

The O1 visa is for individuals who have extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, business, athletics or arts, or that throughout their career have demonstrated a record of outstanding achievement in the film industry, television or be recognized nationally and internationally for those achievements. Although not exclusive, the following are some examples of common professions that may be eligible to use the O-1…Leer más

How to Qualify & Apply for an O-1 Visa for an artist

Applying for an O-1 visa can be complicated but it’s not impossible. There are a number of steps involved and there is a lot of documentation that has to be assembled in order to qualify for the visa. O-1 visas are for people who stand out!…Read more

Application Process O-1 Visa

In order to make a strong petition for an O-1 visa, the following documentation should be submitted along with the petition form…Read more

From O1 Visa to Green Card

While an O-1 visa applicant does not have to have a residence in the home country which he or she does not intent to abandon, there must however be an intent to remain on the O´1 visa. Therefore the foreign national may legally come to U.S in O-1 visa, and depart U.SS at the end of the authorized stay and at the same time seek to apply for U.S. Green Card to become a permanent resident of the United States….Read more

Example of an O2 Visa Essentiality letter

Here you will find and useful example of an O2 Visa Essentiality letter. Feel free to uise this example as a guide. Be careful to use only the information that applies to your case, as not every text is intented for everyone. Before you submit something it should however be checked by a professional…Read more

Sponsor Sample Letter for O-1 Petition

The sponsor letter must be quite detailed and include certain items. You may use this example as a guide. Affirmative action approval must be granted before an O-1 application is submitted. Please note that not all of the text will apply to everyone. The letter written should be revised for each applicant…Read more

Sample Itinerary

Here is a sample work itinerary for an employee working at a secondary job location. Itineraries of service such as the one below help demonstrate to USCIS that the petitioning company retains control of the employee, even when (s)he works on assignment with another company. …Read more