Sports Agent Cover Letter

Sports Agent Cover Letter

Sports agent is known to represent any athlete on a contractual basis, with the main goal to market, negotiate contracts, and promote a player or a team. Moreover, a sports agent will also have to negotiate for the deals of commercial endorsement deals for the athlete he or she is representing.

Sports agents have various responsibilities and these professionals need to have a passion for this business and sports. The main responsibility of a sports agent is negotiating different contracts for the athlete he or she is representing. The salary of these professionals will be based on a percentage of the athlete’s income, so it will be in the best interest of sports agent to work hard for this.

Example Agent Sample Letter


Name: xxxxx

Address xxxx
number xxxxx
mail xxxx


Name of the cpmpany

Dear Mr / Ms.

I came to know that ____company___ has an opening for sports agent and this is one profession that I am truly interested in. I have been in love with sports since childhood and I have completely dedicated my career for this profession. In an effort to be perfect for this job, I have achieved a bachelor’s degree in business from _____University_____ and I have been working in the sports industry since the last ____ years.

My exceptional communication skills play a huge role, whenever I speak to managers, team owners, and coaches for promoting the sports team that I have been representing. I have got the required skills for negotiating contracts, which are in the best interest for the team to give performance at their risk and financial analysis for the contracts before we decide to finalize.

I keep myself well updated with all the latest trends, which are associated with sports and for relaying vital information to the team so that they always know what has been going on. I have got remarkable skills for multi-tasking, I have got the freedom to travel to different locations and have got outstanding abilities to recruit.

I am always prepared and motivated to give in hours whenever required to represent my team in a highly professional manner. I would love the opportunity to know more of the qualifications that you have been looking for and to tell you all the different ways in which I would be using my skills. Please give me a call between 8am to 5pm at xxxxxxx, so that we can finalize a date and time for interview.



Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume