o1 Visa Researches

General information

Extraordinary ability in the sciences, education, business or athletics means have achieved a level of expertise and therefore be considered part of the small percentage of people who are in the highest sphere in their field of specialty. Anyone specializing in sciences researcher or professional who wants to start a professional way in the United States may choose one O1 visa. …Read more

Documents Visa Researchers

A written advisory opinion from a peer group (including labor organizations) or a person designated by the group with expertise in the beneficiary’s area of ability.
If the O-1 petition is for an individual with extraordinary achievement in motion picture or television, the consultation must come from an appropriate labor union and a management…Read more

Science work offer sample letter

Dear Dr. :
The University of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Department of ______________ is pleased to offer you employment for a term of year (s), effective . Your faculty appointment will be recommended at the rank of [with tenure/without tenure/in the tenure stream/outside the tenure stream]. Please be advised that your academic appointment is
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From O1 Visa to Green Card

The green card serves as proof that its holder, a lawful permanent resident (LPR), has been officially granted immigration benefits, which include permission to reside and take employment in the United States. The holder must maintain permanent resident status, and can be removed from the United States if certain conditions of this status are not met…Read more