Science work offer sample letter

Work offer sample letter

University of xxxxxx of Medicine




Dear Dr.                                   :

The University of xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Department of ______________ is pleased to offer you employment for a term of            year (s), effective                                                . Your faculty appointment will be recommended at the rank of                                                    [with tenure/without tenure/in the tenure stream/outside the tenure stream]. Please be advised that your academic appointment is subject to University policy and approval.

Add the following for appointments as instructor/assistant professor in the tenure stream:In accordance with School of Medicine policy, the maximum length of your tenure stream service prior to conferral of tenure, if granted, shall not exceed seven years.

Add the following for appointments at the rank of associate professor and professor:In view of the fact that we will recommend your appointment at the rank of [Associate Professor/Professor], the School of Medicine by-laws require that the appointment be reviewed and approved by a standing committee of the School. The Department will make a strong positive recommendation that you be appointed at the rank of [Associate Professor/Professor]. Until the committee review process is completed, your initial appointment will be as [Visiting Associate Professor/Visiting Professor].

In order to begin the committee review process, and to facilitate removing the visiting prefix as soon as possible, you must submit the required materials to your department administrator [for tenured appointments] [for non-tenured appointments]

The compensation package which has been approved for your first year of employment includes both base salary and incentive compensation components. Your base salary for the first year of your appointment will be $                                  . [If applicable:This amount is exclusive of any incentive compensation that you may receive for the School of Medicine’s research and academic incentive programs.  The amount of incentive compensation, if any, will be calculated based on the terms of the incentive program in effect for the distribution.] The allocation of your responsibilities will be _________% research, _________% teaching, and ________% service [if applicable: __________% administrative or other duties]. You will receive the standard fringe benefit package provided to all faculty members through the University of Pittsburgh. This employment offer is contingent upon [insert any licenses, certificates or clearances necessary to perform the job duties], verification of your eligibility to work in the United States and any other legally required prerequisites to your employment.

Sections specific to the individual: (to be written and inserted by the Department Chair)

  • Description of duties
  • Departmental Commitments
  • Space
  • Staffing
  • Funding
  • Department Specific “Benefits”
  • Moving expenses (Must meet IRS and University guidelines)
  • Dues/Travel
  • Parking (will be administered under department guidelines)


Add the following for appointments with tenure and in the tenure stream:Should you accept this offer, your appointment will be subject to the conditions as set forth in the University of Pittsburgh Bylaws, Chapter II, The Faculty, which includes Article III., General Policies of Appointment and Tenure, and Article IV., Full-Time Tenured or Tenure-Stream Faculty.

We look forward to having you join our faculty. Please feel free to call with any questions you may have concerning this offer of employment.



______________________________                                                                                                         ____________

Chair, Department of ______________                                                                                               Date




Arthur S. Levine, M.D.                                                                                                                                  Date

Senior Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences

Dean, School of Medicine



Option 2.  





Dear XXX:


I am pleased to offer you a position as a Postdoctoral/Regular Fellow in my laboratory in the Department/Division of xxx at the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center effective (date). This appointment made by mutual agreement may be renewed annually.

Your salary will be $ XX,XXX per year ($ X,XXX,XXX per month). Funding of your salary will be exclusively from resources available to me. These resources are primarily funds provided to me through the School of Medicine, Department/Division of xxx. Should these funding resources end or otherwise not be available, your Postdoctoral/Regular Fellow appointment may be terminated

Benefits available to you include health, dental, and life insurance. If you have any questions about available benefits. Please contact the Payroll and Benefits Service Center at (303) 735-65.00

Your duties will include research and teaching associated with your role in my laboratory. More specifically, you will plan, perform, analyze and oversee bench research in xxx.

Teaching activity will generally be limited to other staff, students, of faculty collaborators in the laboratory. You will take a leadership role in planning scientific activities of the laboratory, and may be asked to write both grants and scientific publications.

Additionally, you will be responsible for keeping abreast of and sharing with the laboratory pertinent scientific literature and coordinating laboratory meetings on a regular basis.

You will be afforded both time and resources to promote collaborative studies and develop new techniques to benefit your shared studies.

Please sign below indicating you acceptance of the position as Postdoctoral/Regular Fellow under the conditions outlined above. Please return this letter to us upon acceptance.


Name of sponsoring faculty member