The interview is inevitable when you apply for a visa or a green card. This is why it is very important that applicants prepare themselves well for the big day.

Today, we will offer you 10 tips for success in the desired interview.

  1. Dress for the occasion.

As in any interview, personal appearance is fundamental. Therefore, also in the case of an application for a visa or a green card, it is very important to send the right message, to look good and to make the best impression you can.

This means that you must not wear t-shirts, shorts, casual sandals, very tight pants, very short skirts or low necklines. It is best to wear conservative clothes, and have a serious appearance.

Everything, taken to the extreme, is bad. It is not necessary to dress as if you were going to church.

It is also important not to exaggerate with accessories and cologne.

  1. Keep it simple.

It is essential to attend the interview without objects or devices that may break security rules or cause any problems when going through the scanner. Such objects are: pocketknives, bottles with liquids, very long bags, pepper spray, etc.

  1. Be there on time.

Try to get to your interview at least 30 minutes in advance. Being punctual shows respect and seriousness.

  1. Stay away from your phone.

This is not the best day for selfies, reading Facebook or answering calls. Leave the phone at home, because the security officers at the embassy or consulate will not allow you in with it.

  1. Wait for your lawyer.

If you hired an immigration lawyer, it is important that he or she goes to the interview with you.

  1. Take a breath and feel confident.

If you are prepared, there is nothing to fear. Getting prepared is the only key to a successful interview, and it also helps to reduce stress. If you need to submit documents or forms, it is very important to have them with you, and to know what to say about them.

  1. Listen to the interviewer, and follow the instructions.

If, by chance, there are any questions that you do not understand, it is best to ask for clarification. Do it in a polite

and respectful way. Do not be nervous, and consider your answers calmly.

  1. Take an interpreter with you.

If needed, you may bring an interpreter to help you understand English. Do not let language spoil your success

  1. Be honest and direct all the time.

Never evade questions or answer sarcastically. Do not joke with the interviewer. The interview is a serious procedure. It is important not to raise doubts and make things right.

  1. Be yourself.

USCIS officers are trained to find out when a person lies or exaggerates. Stay true to yourself. Be genuine and honest.