Every permanent resident (Green Card holder) who has lived for more than five years in the United States, and has passed the naturalization test obtains the American citizenship.

Most of naturalized immigrants believe that they cannot lose their citizenship, which is totally false. Here are some mistakes that may cause your losing the citizenship:

  1. Lying

Lying or hiding information during the process of naturalization will probably make you lose the American citizenship.

  1. Treason

A naturalized immigrant who has been charged for treason will automatically lose the citizenship.

  1. Serving in a foreign army

If a naturalized person helps a foreign army or becomes part of it, and the latter is in a complicated situation regarding the United States, the former may lose his or her citizenship.

  1. Requesting another citizenship

If a person travels to another country, and requests its citizenship, the government of the United States will immediately assume that he or she is renouncing his or her American citizenship.

  1. Renouncing voluntarily

Every naturalized immigrant may decide to renounce his or her citizenship, and resort to an American Consulate or Embassy so as to sign an oath of renunciation. As a consequence of renouncing, you will lose all the distinctive privileges, rights and liberties of an American citizen. It is also likely that requesting a new visa will take you longer.