Until November 7, those interested in participating in the visa lottery may do so through the Internet.

This time, the United States Department of State, will draw 50,000 permanent resident visas, also known as “Green Cards”, which allow you to live and work legally in the U.S.

Who can apply?

The participant has to check that he or she is from a country that’s eligible for the draw.

There are no labor and education requirements. If you’re married to an American, you may also apply.

The type of employment must conform to the standards imposed by the U.S. Department of Labor, which uses the O’Net database to see if you qualify.

If you meet all these requirements, submit the application as soon as possible to avoid being out of time. You should try to fill out the form carefully, since people often make mistakes when giving their information. Everything must be perfect. 

Do I have to pay?pexels-photo-29345-medium

Registration for the lottery is free. To prevent fraud, the U.S. embassy warns that you’re never required to pay for the diversity visa application.

How do you know if you’ve won?

The diversity visa applicants should check their status on the diversity visas website by entering the confirmation code they received when they registered.

What rights does the Green Card grant?

The permanent visa gives you the right to live and work permanently and legally in the United States, and to enter and leave the country freely.  You’re also granted some rights in the fields of health and education. Besides, you can sponsor relatives so that they too can obtain a Green Card.