The TN visa was created at a time in which the Treaty of North American Free Trade Agreement (FTA) was booming. This visa mainly allows Mexican and Canadian citizens the opportunity to work in the United States in a limited number of occupations.

Although the TN visa is like the H-1B visa, it has some differences. For example, the immigrant who owns the TN visa can work up to three years with the possibility of renewal.

Since 2004, the steps for obtaining the visa have been significantly simplified for Mexicans.


To qualify, you must be professional and have a university degree or, in certain cases, a certificate or license with a minimum of years of experience. Here are seven out of the sixty professions that Mexicans can practice:

  • Research assistant
  • Economist
  • Mathematician
  • Nutritionist
  • Biologist
  • Graphic designer (university degree or diploma after high school plus three years of experience)

Interesting Fact

The number of approved TN visas corresponds to a fixed amount per fiscal year, and the number of applications is greater than that of the visas that can be approved.