The United States is one of the most common destinations for tourists. In fact, millions of foreigners travel there on vacation every year. Nevertheless, not everybody makes it to the U.S., for many visas are frequently cancelled. There are numerous reasons why a tourist visa may be cancelled. In this respect, today, we would like to let you know about 8 mistakes that you must avoid making:

  1. Lying when filling an immigration form or when being interviewed by a consular officer.

You can enter the United States on a B2 tourist visa (also known as “visitor visa”). It is also possible to do it on a Border Crossing Card or laser visa through the Mexican-American border. Either way, it is really important not to lie when filling a form or at an interview, because the consequences can be serious.

  1. Expired visa.

The immigration officers at ports, airports and land border crossing points have the final say. They may actually decide whether a foreigner is allowed to enter the country or not.

The information on the computers at customs is accurate and complete; this is why the officers’ decision is definitive. One must be also aware of the consequences when an immediate expulsion is performed.

  1. Bringing prohibited items into the U.S.

You cannot bring certain foods and medicines into the country. For example, if you take antibiotics with you, you are only allowed the necessary amount for your treatment. Breaking this rule may bring serious consequences from confiscating the product and giving you a fine to expelling you immediately or cancelling your visa.

  1. Travelling without medical insurance.

Health services in the United States are likely to be the best in the world, but they are also very expensive. To avoid further worries, it is important to buy a medical insurance policy before travelling.

If you need to go to the doctor, but you do not have insurance or its coverage is not complete, you may try going to a community clinic.

You should always keep your receipts. If you have a baby who holds a tourist visa, be aware of the possible negative consequences for him or her of travelling without insurance.

  1. Not paying traffic fines.
  1. Overstaying.

It is never a good idea, because it could lead to the automatic cancellation of your visa (and if you entered the country without a visa, you may lose your right to have one in the future). Besides, if you stay six months longer than allowed, the three- and ten-year bars come into effect.

  1. Misusing your tourist visa.

You cannot use your tourist visa for other purposes like studying or working full time. Even other actions, such as getting married, must be done with caution, because they could have negative consequences.

  1. Entering the United States too many times.

A tourist visa holder can travel to the U.S. as many times as he or she pleases. However, it may be suspicious if the visitor does it too often. In this case, the immigration officer may forbid his or her entering the country.


In order to obtain a tourist visa, renew it and guarantee your entrance to the United States at the immigration control point, you must always be eligible for the visa and admissible to the country. Otherwise, your visa will be confiscated, cancelled or invalidated.