The Visitor’s Visa, also known as the B2 Visa (for pleasure or medical treatment) is the document that millions of foreigners need to travel to the United States.

We could give you a lot of advice for your Visa interview. This time, however, we will speak about the most important aspects to consider:

Being on time

Arriving to the Consulate 30 minutes before may sound like an exaggeration, but it is a fail-proof way of avoiding mishaps.

Dress for the occasion

Do not overdo it. Do not be informal nor too formal. Try not to use jewelry or watches. They will not allow you into the Embassy wearing these accessories. Cellphones are not allowed either.

Be prepared

Remember that you must answer a questionnaire on your income, your reasons for travelling to the country, the duration of your stay, where you will stay, your work situation and your criminal record, among others.

Necessary paperwork

Do not forget to bring with you a letter of employment prepared by your employer, bank statements and your professional license. These documents will demonstrate that your economic situation is stable.

Always answer with sincerity

Try to give positive answers and do not lie, else your Visa may be denied.

Do not exaggerate

Never send or show any document unless it is requested of you.

Bring backup documents with you

If your employer pays you in cash, bring any identification or document that proves that you really work for that company. It is important to prove any of your claims. If you are a student, for example, you may bring a certificate of studies.

Keep your paperwork in order

Keep the important documents in correctly identified separate envelopes. This will allow you to easily find what officers request from you.

Show courtesy

Greeting the officer and showing courtesy is a vital requirement. But remember that this is a legal proceeding, so there is no need to be more friendly than necessary

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