These are the 4 cheapest cities to live in the U.S., they have interesting features and they’re great places to be in.

1.Memphis, the cheapest city to live in the United States.

The average home value is just $ 98.300.  Renting is also good: $ 709 approximately.  Still, it’s important to know that 10% of the population is unemployed.

  1. Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, with just over 800 thousand inhabitants, is a city to consider.

The average household income is almost $ 44,000 per year, and the unemployment rate is only 4.4 percent.

  1. Omaha, Nebraska

A good choice for immigrants as:

-Unemployment is below the national average

-Wages are high in comparison to the cost of living

  1. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Currently, Tulsa is one of the cities where renting an apartment is cheaper than anywhere else with an average of $ 604 per month. Its unemployment rate is lower than the national average.

Finally, although Tulsa is a small town, as it doesn’t reach the 400 thousand inhabitants, its metropolitan area reaches almost a million.