Although the United States is a promising country for immigrants, it is also true that starting a new life in it is not easy.

It is important and necessary for immigrants to consider options if they need help in terms of food, education, health, business or laws.

This article will be dedicated to health aid in general.

General Health Aid

The United States is known for its advanced treatments for diseases like cancer. Although there are excellent doctors and procedures, health services are so expensive that they can take a family into bankruptcy.

It is essential to know what the obligations to buy health insurance are and the differences among the all the options.

Citizens and migrants who are eligible for insurance have to be aware of the requirements to access health aid programs like Medicare, Medicaid, or Chip for children.

Undocumented immigrants should know which states extend health coverage to undocumented minors, i.e. Medi-Cal or New York.

They should also learn about the right to get what is known as Emergency Medicaid, and about the coverage of special situations such as pregnancy and childbirth.

Another option is the free clinics throughout the United States that provide free or low cost services to people who do not have access to health insurance or federal or state health coverage.

Organizations like Planned Parenthood provide free or low-cost gynecological services, sexually transmitted diseases tests and contraception methods.

Additionally, there is also compensation in case of accidents.

If workers meet the requirements established by the law of each state, they are entitled to compensation when they have an accident.

The worker’s compensation applies to undocumented immigrants in the states of Arizona, California, North Carolina, Colorado, Hawaii, Tennessee and Texas, this right is .


Buy health insurance to visit the United States, because the high costs of healthcare there can be a problem.

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