In 1940, a year before the United States entered the World War II, the federal government, for security reasons, decided to create a record of all foreigners who were living in the country.

As a result of this decision, it was agreed to take the fingerprints of all foreigners over 14 years of age who entered or lived in the U.S.

Alien Registration Number

The Alien Registration Number is an identification number that is assigned to foreigners. The same is formed by the letter A followed by number eight or nine.

Who Have the Alien Registration Number?

Foreigners who are in the United States and are:

  1. Legal permanent residents, i.e. Green Card holders. The Alien Registration Number can be seen on the Green Card.
  1. Immigrants in the process of adjustment of status. The Alien Number is written on the paper that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) sends after having approved the request made through the I-140 form.
  1. Foreigners, who without belonging to any of the above categories, have or have had some kind of open procedure in the Immigration Courts. For example: undocumented people.

What Is It for?

The Alien Registration Number is used to fill out forms, especially those related to immigration. It is also used to locate people who have been arrested by immigration. (The system created by the government in order to locate them digitally asks you to enter this number).