In the United States, the population generally moves toward the southwest and immigrants prefer to settle mainly in states that have a long tradition of immigration: California, Texas, New York, Florida, New Jersey and Illinois.

However, in the last decade, the population who was born outside the United States has actually settled across the entire country, even in places with very little immigrant tradition.

Some of the Best States to Live in the United States

South Dakota is a large state but very sparsely populated. Unemployment is below five percent. The population works in agriculture, animal husbandry, tourism and at a large military base. In addition, it is a good state to do business.

Maine, on the Atlantic coast, bordering with Canada, is a state that is part of what is known as New England. It is very sparsely populated, cities are small, it has immense forests, its lobsters are world famous, and it offers its residents a high quality of life. Besides, it has the lowest crime rate across the United States. Its economy is related to agriculture, the forest and the sea.

Nebraska, located in the heart of America, is a land devoted to agriculture. Its advantages include: Air quality, the population of Nebraska is considered as the healthiest of all the country, there is little crime, unemployment is below 5 percent.

Massachusetts, New England, is the state with the highest percentage of population who has health insurance. It is small but its population is large for its area: nearly 7 million. It is home to major universities such as Harvard, MIT and Boston University. In addition, with a per capita income of $ 53.221, it is the third richest state in the United States.

Washington, on the Pacific coast, is a paradise for lovers of nature and technology.  It is the state where are the headquarters of companies such as Boeing, Microsoft, Costco, Amazon.com and Starbucks are located.

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