As we all know, the interview at the U.S. embassy or consulate is key to getting the green card.
There are many pieces of advice one can get for this day. Number one is: under no circumstances must you lie. Here are some other tips:
1. Be punctual, but do not exaggerate. Try to be there 15-30 minutes before the appointment.
2. You cannot bring tablets, cameras and other electronic devices to the interview due to security reasons. Take precautions.

3. Make sure you bring your passport, the visa payment receipt and all the other additional documents required.

4. People of legal age must go alone without their parents, friends or lawyers. Only disabled people may bring company.
5. During the interview, greet the interviewer calmly and with a smile. Follow his or her instructions.
6. Do not argue with the interviewer, and get rid of any racial prejudices you may have.
7. Answer the questions naturally, and try not to generalize. It is advisable to mention the tourist sites or cities that you will visit, as well as the time you intend to stay.
8. Be friendly at all times, and do not lose your nerve.