There are several steps you should take in preparation for a visa petition. Below is outlined the five most important tips in preparing the visa application, but your immigration attorney will advise you further regarding the preparation of your case.

What are the best things I can do to prepare to apply for a work visa or green card?

  1. Join professional industry organizations.
  2. Try to get yourself in the press!
  3. Start asking around to gauge who would be willing to sign a recommendation letter on your behalf.
  4. If you are seeking an O-1 visa, start thinking about agencies or companies that might be willing to sponsor you. Your immigration attorney can provide you with advice on who would be the best petitioner/sponsor for your visa.
  5. Gather any and all evidence related to your professional endeavors including but not limited to: still shots, photographs, press articles about you or your work, membership identification cards, and promotional materials including post cards, posters, and leaflets. You should send your immigration attorney everything and then let the attorney decide whether or not to include the submitted evidence in your visa petition. It is better to submit an unnecessary document to your attorney than to have your visa petition submitted to immigration without something that may prove to be very beneficial to your case.