To be an architect in the United States you must follow some important steps. It’s not precisely a simple process, but it isn’t impossible. Let’s see more about these steps:

A Career as an Architect in the United States

If you want to complete a bachelor or a master degree in the United States, you can apply at a university accredited by the NAAB. After you’ve finished your studies, you have to complete three years of practice.

– Your internship must be under the supervision of IDO.

– You must pass a test called ARE.

– You have to become a licensed architect.

What if you studied in another country?

Your degree won’t be automatically recognized in the United States. That is, although your diploma is valid in your country of origin, won’t be able to work as an architect in the United States.


– You may work as a designer.

– You can also do a master degree in architecture in the U.S.

– Those who have more than 7 years experience can apply for BEP certification.

– The less experienced can follow the Standard Path, which involves validations and tests to get licensed to work.

How can I find a good job?

The first thing to do is to write a flawless CV or resume, and arrange your portfolio of work and projects.

Work Visa

An architect can get an immigrant visa or nonimmigrant visa (H1B). In the case of Mexicans or Canadians the TN Visa is also an option.


Your level of English must be high. The visa interview will probably be conducted in English and the consular officer may reject the application if he considers that your knowledge of English is not enough to do a professional activity.