The high rate of Latino births in the United States has placed Hispanics as the largest minority, having surpassed African Americans. But, in fact, Latinos are not the only ones who use strategies to give birth on U.S. soil. This situation has its pros and cons:


  • All babies born in the country are American citizens from the moment of birth. This, regardless of the status of their parents at that time or whether they are residents or not.
  • It is also important to know that with the birth certificate, you can obtain a passport for the newborn.
  • The citizenship of the baby is for life, unless he or she later decides to renounce it or performs an action that makes him or her lose it.
  • The baby will always be American even if he or she returns home a few days after his or her birth.



  • The main thing is to have health insurance in order to pay immediately all medical expenses related to childbirth.
  • In very specific cases, if the baby’s parents do not have insurance, a request is made to cover the Emergency Medicaid. In these cases, the visa may be revoked.

Remember that the government insurance covers the medical expenses of the poorest Americans and certain legal foreign permanent residents, refugees and asylees.