As we know, the Green Card allows all immigrants to live and work legally in the United States. But those are not the only benefits offered by this document.

In addition to this, any immigrant who possesses a Green Card can apply for a residency for their immediate family, a husband, children, parents, depending on the case at hand.

But besides these, there are many other benefits, this time we will mention a few.

  1. No visa

Every immigrant who already has a Green Card, when making a trip to their country of origin or elsewhere, will not need a visa to return to the United States. It is only important that the immigrant has clearly they can’t spend more than six months out of the United States or they could lose the residence.

  1. Financial Aid

Anyone who has a Green Card can ask the government assistance to fund, for example, college. In case of being granted they may pay less for college
than a foreign pays for studies with a student visa.

  1. Pension

Immigrants who have a Green Card and have worked for over ten years in the United States, are entitled to Social Security benefits after retirement time arrives.

  1. Health Insurance

Another benefit is opting for insurance. Thanks to the Obamacare program, all residents and citizens can access health insurance at low prices.

  1. Mortgages

If an immigrant with a Green Card decides to ask for a bank loan, you have the option of mortgaging your home.

  1. Citizenship

After five years of receiving the Green Card, any immigrant can apply for citizenship. In order to achieve this, a naturalization exam must be passed.

  1. Political Contributions

The resident with a Green Card can make contributions in political, state and even federal campaigns. The only thing is that they can’t vote. Voting is a unique benefit for citizens

Any person wishing to go to the United States to live and work should seek advice from the proper way to make the process easier and the results expected.

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