Currently many choose to go to the United States to achieve career goals, but even when the process takes time, the results are worth it.

Once the immigrants get a work visa or a residence permit, they can live and work without problems in the U.S.

Not many know the range of benefits that result from work in North America, this time we have a compilation of a few of them:

1. Salary

The minimum wage in the US is around $8 per hour; but in cities like San Francisco (California) the salary may reach $10.55 per hour.

2. Social Security

In North America the payment of social security is shared, the company will provide half of it.

This insurance can be used as a retirement fund for income once the employee leaves the work.

3. Unemployment insurance

This aspect has great importance for many, the company must pay an insurance to workers. Its amount varies from the type of company and the state where it is located

4. Compensation Insurance

If the worker suffer an accident or injury the company will pay a compensation

5. Medical and Family Rest

Any employee who has major health problems may have available up to 12 weeks off work, also applies to situations such as the birth of a child or caring for a child less than one year.

6. Civic activities

All activities related to military service, jury or election time, the company has a duty to give workers time off.

7. Medical Insurance

It depends of the company. All those with more than 50 employees cover 96% of the employee health insurance, only the remaining, about 35%

8. Paid holidays

91% of cases of full-time jobs, 91% have this benefit, while part-time statistic is 35%.

9. Retirement Benefits

It is estimated that 30% of companies offer their employees retirement plans and about 98% of these industries bring different proportions to those plans.


10. Life insurance

About 70% of full-time employees have some type of life insurance, this includes various situations. It is estimated that 97% of employees make use of that insurance.

Any immigrant can become a professional in the United States provided it complies with legal requirements. In Beltran Brito LLP we  advice immigrants in the process of getting a work visa or green card so they can have a good work in the U.S

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