Some may think this is impossible, but the truth is that there are no age limits to get a visa.hands-walking-stick-elderly-old-person-large

Consequently, if a person over 80 qualifies for it, he or she will get it maybe without an interview with a consular official. There’s actually an Interview Waiver Program. Those who qualify for these cases only have to submit the required documentation.


The applicant is 80 years or older and should have never:

  • had a visa refusal (any classification)
  • had his or her visa stolen, lost or revoked.
  • been arrested or convicted of a crime.
  • deported from the United States.
  • received a refusal to enter the United States.
  • had other problems or difficulties with Customs and Border Protection when trying to enter the United States.

pexels-photo-95364-largeHow to Apply?

Step 1: Fill out the DS-160 application form. Each question is originally in English. However, you can access the Spanish version by selecting “Spanish” on the dropdown menu on the top right of the page.

– Don’t forget to print the form

Step 2: Visit the Visa Information Service website, and select the category of non-immigrant visa. Then follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 3: Complete your file with the requested documentation.

You have to submit the following documentation:

  • Valid passport.
  • Previous Visa (if available).
  • DS-160 form.
  • A photo (5×5 cm, white background, taken in the last 6 months).

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