Finding an experienced and reliable immigration lawyer is not impossible, but it’s a task that shouldn’t be taken  lightly. There are procedures and activities that you can do by yourself, but for other things, it is necessary to have the experience and the expertise of a qualified lawyer.

Here are some tips to consider:

Demand: In this particular case, an immigration lawyer is better than a lawyer that specializes in “everything”.  However, we’re not suggesting that you have to look for a “mega immigration specialist,” because there are issues that are more complicated than others.

Check: Always check the bar association in your state to make sure the lawyer you want to hire has all the required licenses and has not been sanctioned for unprofessional behavior.

Compare: Many lawyers offer the opportunity to have a free first appointment. Take some time to interview a few of them. It’s always important to evaluate their behavior, their treatment, and even the place where they work.  It’s very important that the lawyer inspires confidence.

Choose the best: Don’t allow yourself be carried away by the impulse to choose a lawyer that shares your nationality or speaks Spanish. You must have the best lawyer to lead you to success.

Money Matters: “Hire cheap, pay dear.”  In these cases, it’s important to place quality before price. Of course, there will be lawyers who charge a lot and aren’t necessarily the best, but this is why it’s important to study the options well.

You’re the Boss: It’s important to know that your choice may turn out wrong. If this is the case, it’s always better to accept your mistakes and to get a better lawyer.  Always, discuss your questions, and ask for clarification. You’re the boss (without arrogance, of course). Mutual understanding, respect and trust are key.