In the United States, like in any other country, there are very well paid professions and others that are not so well paid. However, professionals generally get good payment.

Do you know which professions are the best paid in the United States? Here is the top five:

  1. Physicians and surgeons.

The incomes of physicians vary depending on their specialization.  To practice this profession in the U.S. you must have completed eleven years of higher education. In this field, there are many foreign doctors who validate their studies at universities outside the United States.

  1. Orthodontists (also called dental hygienists in some countries).

Average salary: $ 204,670

You must have completed eight years of higher education and passed a difficult exam.

  1. Company Directors (CEO).

Average salary: $ 176,550

Education: University degree. It is common to have an MBA, but it is not necessary. Those who work in the film industry receive the best salaries.

  1. Engineers specialized in the oil industry.

Average salary: $ 138,980

Education: graduated from college and practical experience. All specialties of engineering are among the 50 occupations with more job offers from the federal government.

  1. Lawyers.

Average salary: $ 130,490

Education: college, three years in law school and the Bar examination in the state where you would like to practice.

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