Even though the theater used to be full of stereotypes, like the film and television industries, a new generation of talents has changed the way in which life is represented on stage. Broadway is the witness and the protagonist of all this change. Currently, the work of a Hispanic cannot only be directed, but it can also be composed of an entirely Hispanic cast.


Raul Julia

Almost 50 years ago, Hispanic theater settled in New York thanks to the number of Cubans who arrived in the city and brought their performing skills with them.

Among those hundreds of thousands of immigrants was the founder of the Thalia Theater, Silvia Brito.

Although both cities compete against each other, Los Angeles mainly focuses on films whereas Miami excels in soap operas and dubbing. For its part, New York remains as the main center of Hispanic theater in the United States.

As a matter of fact, Broadway has been the cradle of artists such as Raul Julia, considered one of the ten best Shakespearean actors in the world; John Leguizamo; Lin-Manuel Miranda, now recognized as one the “geniuses” of theater thanks to his work Hamilton; and Bianca Marroquin, a Mexican who has spent 13 years starring on the musical Chicago on Broadway.



Bianca Marroquin

At the moment, there are many talented artists succeeding in the United States. Like them, anyone with a special talent may be eligible for a work visa or a Green Card and make their dreams come true.

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