The United States is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. People go there for leisure or for medical reasons.

Although health insurance is not required to visit the United States, it is however advisable to have one. In the case of foreign students on exchange or work visas, it is important to have health insurance or to make sure that they meet the requirements for health programs like Obamacare.

The Main Reasons Why You Should Purchase Health Insurance

Medical care and treatment in the United States are excellent but they are very expensive, too.

The vast majority of regular insurance policies in every country do not cover eventualities that may occur to the beneficiary during a trip to the United States.

When the case is not a medical emergency, and if the tourist does not have insurance, he or she will probably be denied medical treatment, unless the patient pays in advance or uses a credit card with enough funds.


If a foreigner receives medical assistance due to an emergency and does not pay the bill, his or her visa will be probably canceled or not renewed.


What Type of Insurance to Buy?

First, verify if your insurance covers a trip to the United States. If it does, then check the details regarding payment limits and specific benefits.

The second step is to buy health insurance for foreign tourists in the United States.

Finally, check on Squaremouth.com all the options and compare in order to determine what works best for you.


International students and foreigners on a residence card or a temporary work visa in the United States can buy health insurance through Squaremouth.