In 2016, the awareness toward Hispanics will be the main topic in California. Therefore, some laws and regulations will be applied in order to humanize the community in this respect.

California Senator, Jim Beall, has presented the SB 11 and SB 29 bills, which recognize California’s cultural diversity, and seek to foment adequate entertainment to that diversity. In addition to this, the bills stipulate the increase of the future officers’ training hours, so that they have greater knowledge and tools to handle mentally ill or violent people.

For his part, the acting president of the Senate, Democrat Kevin de Leon, was responsible for the SB 674 bill, which allows immigrants who are victims of certain serious crimes to have the opportunity to apply for the “Victims of Criminal Activity Visa” or “U Visa”, provided that they assist in the investigation of the suspect.

Some of the offenses that the bill refers to are: domestic violence, extortion, kidnapping, aggravated assault, fraud in hiring personnel, assault, sexual exploitation, incest and trafficking.

For activist Gloria Saucedo, president of Hermandad Mexicana Transnational San Fernando Valley (north of Los Angeles), this law could wipe out the fear of many immigrants, to complaints.

On the subject of health, Democrat Tony Mendoza, proposed the B 792 bill, which requires family day care home and day care center workers and volunteers to be properly vaccinated against influenza, measles and whooping cough. All this, in order to protect the health of children.

On the subject of education, Senator Carol Liu, achieved the passage of the SB 172 bill, which suspends the “California High School Exit Examination”, and establishes that the Superintendent of Public Instruction must give that test to special groups of students but under new standards.

Laws Already in Progress…

The AB 71 law took effect on 1 January, 2016. It requires the submission of detailed reports about situations in which law enforcement officials hold gun battles against civilians. Such reports are later uploaded to a specific website.