In 2014, 45% of respondents in California rejected that undocumented immigrants be considered for health insurance, and 51% thought it was a good idea. In 2015 the numbers varied.

Currently, most Californians approved a grant of health insurance to undocumented immigrants living in Florida.

According to a study conducted by the Field Poll between June 25 and July 16 in a random sample of 1,555 registered voters in California, 66%  believes that this insurance is very important, a figure that exceeds the assessment models Asian, located in 61% and 55% African Americans.

“The support of the voters to extend Medi-Cal to undocumented residents of the state is gaining popularity,” noted Mark DiCamillo, director of The Field Poll.

In 2015  58% of voters support full Medi-Cal benefits to undocumented residents and only 39% opposed.

The survey also showed that 68% of voters surveyed believe that the implementation in California Affordable Care Act (ACA / Obamacare) has been very successful, which means the initiative has undoubtedly benefited all citizens in need .