The reasons may be different, and the embassies, consulates and authorities have the power to take it away from whoever they consider unfit.

Here are some possible reasons for the cancelation of the tourist visa:

  1. Overstaying in the United States. Even if it is 24 hours after, your crossing the limit already and violating the law. It is important to know that the expiration date is not the same as the date of authorized stay.
  2. When the officer believes that a person is ineligible or inadmissible to enter the United States the visa may be canceled.
  3. When the visa has been ripped out of the passport where it was printed.
  4. When the visa is used for something different than its official purpose.
  5. When officers suspect of your intentions to migrate or when you extend your stay.
  6. When Medicaid had to cover the tourist’s medical expenses, because he had an emergency and has neither paid the invoice nor his/her health insurance.
  7. When a foreigner is granted an immigrant visa (residence permit, also known as Green Card), his or her nonimmigrant visa is canceled.
  8. If you have worked or intend to work in the United States. We must insist that only legal citizens, residents and work visa holders can work in the U.S.
  9. When the visa has a bureaucratic error, such as the misspelling of a name or a surname or a mistake in the date of birth.


American authorities are the only ones with the power to grant or cancel visas. If you want to keep your visa, do not incur any activity that goes against the American immigration laws.