In this case, we’ll talk about ineligibility. The authorities of the United States may deny entry to the United States to any foreigner with one or more causes of inadmissibility.  This applies even to legal permanent residents.

Possible Causes of Inadmissibility or Grounds for Inadmissibility:

This applies to: nonimmigrant visas (tourist, student, work or exchange) and also immigrant visas. Here are some reasons:

  • Public burden.Suspicion that they may become a source of expense for the American Public Treasury.
  • Having diseases that are contagious and highly delicate.
  • Living with a physical or mental illness that makes the patient dangerous.
  • Drug addiction.
  • Having been convicted of one or more offenses or, in some cases, specific crimes such as kidnapping, drug trafficking…
  • Being the relative of a drug dealer (as long as the person has been benefited or is an accomplice).
  • Espionage or sabotage.
  • Having been a member of a totalitarian political party (Communists, Nazis, etc.)
  • Having committed genocide.
  • Assuring to be an American citizen when this is not the case.
  • Having violated an immigration law or having committed migration fraud.
  • Being illegal in the United States

What to Do?

You can request an immigration waiver.

It’s very important to understand that the rules are different in each case. Applying for a nonimmigrant visa is not the same as applying for an immigrant visa. The waiver is an exceptional measure.