A phone number will be available to Mexicans that live either in Mexico or in the U.S. and who want to solve their immigration and consular issues.  By calling this number, they will also be able to get information about dear ones who have been arrested or are missing.

The Immigrants’ Assistance Center (IAC) is located in Tucson, Arizona, and provides social services to Mexicans anywhere in the United States. In fact, for them, those calls within the United States are free of charge.

In addition, the IAC has a number you can dial from Mexico. This is extremely useful for the relatives of people who have migrated to the United States.


No matter the immigration status of the caller or the migrant of whom one wants to know the whereabouts.

What Information or Assistance Can the IAC Provide?

  • The whereabouts of a relative who crossed illegally into the United States. If you fear for the life of somebody, the Border Patrol is able toinvestigate the case.
  • Concerns about the location of arrested people are eased.
  • Searching through the Immigration database.
  • Searching in the public databases of the courts, sheriffs’ departments and various states.
  • Information about how to send money and letters to arrested relatives.
  • Information on what to do and where to ask for help in cases of domestic violence, trafficking, sexual assault, victims of violence or fraud regarding labor rights.
  • Answering consular questions about the renewal of passports or the process to get alimony.
  • Information on education and health programs throughout the United States (provided by the Institute for Mexicans Abroad and Health Windows).

Additionally, even migrants under arrest can dial the IAC number from jail, because it is free.

Keep in mind that if you are looking for a person who might be missing or arrested, the call center operator will ask you some personal information in order to confirm that you are actually that person’s relative.

This is done to protect migrants and from people whose interests are detrimental to immigrants, i.e. coyotes.

Phone Numbers to Get Assistance

From the United States, dial 1-855-INFO-395 (1-855-4636395).

From Mexico, dial 001-520-623-7874. This is an international call and it does have a cost.

Service Hours

There are operators answering the phone seven days a week from 8 am to 12 pm. This schedule varies depending on the area where the call is made.