Univision Digital and The Atlantic’s partnership resulted in the creation of a new medium called CityLab Latino. It is to be launched at the beginning of 2016 as the Spanish-language version of The Atlantic’s CityLab.

CityLab Latino will have collaborators in Miami, Washington D.C. and other cities of the United States. It will provide the public with innovative pieces in Spanish, adaptations of relevant reports and news from the CityLab website.

CityLab Latino, together with Univision.com, will cover all about up-to-date worldwide information, from politics and culture to technology and migration. The support from Univision Digital is key, since it is the most popular digital platform among Hispanics.

The original CityLab.com has become a very important source of information with interesting analyses and innovative visual narrations. Sections like Navigator, dedicated to urban life, and CityFixer, which is dedicated to subjects that go from massive traffic to aging, are part of this platform.

James Bennet, director and co-president of The Atlantic, considers that journalism will reach new and necessary audiences. For his part, Isaac Lee, president of Univision Communications and executive director of Fusion, applauds this project, because it will improve the quality and the quantity of the content directed toward a fast growing group in the U.S.: the Spanish-speaking people.