When a relative requests the Green Card for you, the authorities may ask for a DNA test in order to confirm that there’s indeed a blood link.

Is This Test Mandatory?medic-hospital-laboratory-medical-40559-medium

No, it’s not. In most cases, the relationship between the person who requests the card and the person for whom the card is intended is tested through a birth certificate.

So, generally, because of its high cost, the test is only requested when there are a few means to prove the link between both individuals or when there are suspicions about it.

Once the person is told that the DNA testing should be done to get the Green Card, the applicant may decide whether to have it done or not.

In addition, the requested person or the applicant must pay the cost to the lab before the test.

DNA tests may be done only in laboratories that are accredited by the Association of Blood Banks. If the laboratory where the test will be done is not included on the list, the results won’t be accepted.

Once the Test Is Done…clinic-doctor-health-hospital-medium

  1. The laboratory will send the kit directly to the consulate, not to the applicant or the recipient of the card.
  1. The day of the appointment, the future recipient of the Green Card must arrive on time with his or her passport, a photo and the bill of the DNA testing.
  1. When the results are ready, they’ll be reported directly to the consulate.
  1. If desired, the beneficiary can ask for a copy of the results directly at the lab. The American consular office will never give any copies.