In our article on September 9, we talked about one of the ways through which you may apply for the Green Card: your family. Today, we’ll explore some other options: self-sponsorship, investment, a job offer and the visa lottery.

Visa Lottery

You may win one of the 50,000 immigrant visas that are given each year through the diversity lottery.


You may invest at least half a million dollars and get an EB-5 visa. The investment can be direct (starting an enterprise) or indirect (different modalities).


On this modality, a.k.a. Self Petition, you don’t need a sponsor other than yourself and an EB-1 visa if you’re a professional with extraordinary abilities in Arts, Science, Sport, Education or Business. Example: Oscar award winners, Olympic medalists, Pulitzer Prize winners or the like.

A Job

In this case, you have to be sponsored by an American company or institution.


  • EB-1 for teachers and researchers with extraordinary abilities and multinational managers or executives.
  • EB-2 for graduates with at least five-year work experience or exceptional abilities in Arts, Business and Science.
  • EB-3 for graduates, workers with vocational training that requires at least two years of practical studies or work experience and also for those working full-time without professional training whose employer couldn’t find American citizens available for the position.

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