The O1-Visa is conceived for people with extraordinary abilities in the world of the Arts, Film and Television, Sports, Science, Education and Business, which can lead you to live and work legally in the United States.

We share with some of the evidence and ways to present them that will help you to have an armored case when applying for an #O1Visa. Nevertheless remember: each case is unique and we can help you figure out the best way to prove your extraordinary abilities and obtain an O1-Visa.

Your awards

Every prestigious international or local award count.

How to prove it

Include certifications from the institution that granted the awards, the award itself or pictures of you receiving it.

Media Coverage

Either as an author/columnist or as an interviewee as long as this media coverage is about your expertise and achievements.

How to prove it

demonstrate those publications through copies of interviews, links on digital media, captures from videos where you appear.

You Memberships

From professional societies, associations or institutes which demand outstanding achievement of their members.

How to prove it

With copies of your credentials.

Expertise as a Jury

If you’ve been a jury of others work and given your expertise and know-how to evaluate them, you are one step closer in the path to obtain your #O1Visa.

How to prove it

Demonstrate the events in which your expertise and knowledge made the difference through invitation letters from institutions, certifications of your verdicts, media coverage.


A person with extraordinary abilities and great achievements surely will have extraordinary remunerations as well. If you’ve developed yourself in a career and you’ve been well remunerated above average for your expertise, it counts.

How to prove it

Copies of invoices, payments, checks, etc.

Diplomas & Grades

All your Ph.D., masters, specialization programs, degrees and studies in general count, especially if they are about a specialized field where you are expert and skilled.

How to prove it

Include copies of your diplomas and certifications.

Your Books & Ebooks

Published by you about the field of your expertise.

How to prove it

Copies of your books, links from digital platforms where it’s sold

Your Conferences & Events

If your participation was as a leading speaker or source and it was in events related to your field of expertise.

How to prove it

Present evidence related to each event: promo material, programs, media coverage, letters from the people who organized them, etc.

Your Music

As a musician, producer, composer, performer or any other music professionals, your music is one of the most important evidence you must present to succeed when applying for an #O1Visa.

How to prove it

Compile and prove record productions, compositions, CD covers, and credits where you appear.

Your most successful concerts

If, as a performer, producer, manager, or any other music-related profession, you’ve worked in massive or special events, concerts, events, festivals and tours, you are one step closer in the path of obtaining an #O1Visa.

How to prove it

You just have to show evidence of your leading role on them, the stats about sold tickets, programs, and media coverage, critiques, and reviews