Once the immigrants have the documents that allow them to work legally, they need to find a sponsor for their visa or resident card. In this respect, it is advisable to go through certain databases that are useful for those who are looking for a sponsor and for those who already have a work permit. Here is a list of some that may be of help:

  1. Careerjet.com
    It allows you to search among about forty million jobs worldwide. About seven million of them are in the United States.
  2. Disney
    It offers a variety of jobs in different countries, including the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Ireland.
  3. Higheredjobs.com
    More than two thousand universities, mostly from the United States, advertise their job offers on this page. They usually look for teachers in both four-year colleges and two-year community colleges.
  4. Hispanic-jobs.org
    It offers jobs for bilinguals (English-Spanish).
  5. iHipo.com
    This website allows university graduates to find international jobs, even in the United States. It also offers internship programs for both students and recent graduates.
  6. Indeed.com
    This is a website with variations in many countries. Jobs can be searched by company, by city or country or by type of job.
  7. Jooble.org
    You can click on any country marked with green in a large world map and find jobs right away. There are offers practically all over Europe, the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Australia and much of Asia.
  8. Linkup.com
    Here you can search for jobs, and apply directly with companies that offer employment. Canada and the United Kingdom even have their own Linkup websites.
  9. United Nations
    The UN website publishes all the recent job offers from its branches. It is important to highlight that in order to work at the headquarters in New York, one could apply for the G-4 visa that offers great advantages.
  10. Simplyhired.com
    In this database you can search by city, company, profession or category. In categories like engineering, software or teaching, great opportunities for foreigners who need a sponsor for a visa are common.

Other Options

People who already have their papers may consider a career in the Army.  Likewise, foreigners with a visa and professionals specialized in health or languages may want to enroll in the MAVNI program so as to obtain the citizenship in record time by working in the Armed Forces.

Important Tip

The first tip to successfully find a job in the United States is to write a good CV or resume and an excellent cover letter following one of the common models in the United States. These documents must be written in English without spelling mistakes.

Another key aspect is that all professionals should take LinkedIn into account when looking for a job. It is a useful social network where you can find companies and publish a professional profile in order to attract potential employers.Being proactive is also important. This means that you should search for as many companies as possible, see what they need, and contact them.

Finally, be very careful, and avoid problems with immigration authorities. Each visa has a specific purpose. You cannot abuse the law, and believe that you are smarter than the rules established in the United States. It is not right to enter the United States as a tourist in order to find a job.