Although migrating is not easy, and it involves many sacrifices, stories about immigrants are highly motivating. The film industry has made them to honor the effort of millions, and to give hope to many people who dream about migrating.

These realistic stories about people fighting to make their dreams come true have been blockbusters. Today, we are going to recall four wonderful stories that are ideal to enjoy on the weekend.


A mother of Mexican origins arrives in the United States with the intention to give her little daughter a better life. Paz Vega plays the role of Flor, who does not speak English at all. With the intervention of a relative, she finds a job as the housemaid of an English-speaking family. The clash between cultures, the prototypes and the attitudes that surround her make her question her roots and what is best for her daughter. The story, through funny and touching moments, relates the epic journey of a mother who fights for a better future for her daughter.


This film, which is somehow a documentary, tells the story of Manny, a young Mexican immigrant who does not have a legal status in the United States, and who does the impossible to get a decent job. An Italian American hires him, and this is when his story, which breaks social and racial prejudices, begins. The film, produced and directed by Matthew Bonifacio, had great acceptance, and was praised by the critics.


Frida Kahlo is one of the most important artists of all times. The famous Mexican painter is the perfect example of a woman who, despite the adversities, fulfills her dreams. Her story truly
motivated actress Salma Hayek, also of Mexican origins, who managed to make Hollywood accept the making of the film about the artist. Important moments of Frida’s life in New York and Detroit are narrated in the movie.

A Maid in Manhattan

In the year 2002, the Puerto Rican star, Jennifer Lopez, played the role of Marisa, a single woman who works as part of the cleaning staff in a hotel. Marisa fights to keep on going, in order to grant her son a better future. However, in the middle of her personal struggle, she meets a powerful politician with whom she starts a magical and a little problematic relationship. It is the funny story of a woman who works restlessly to grow both, professionally and personally.

In all these productions, latinos were involved. Every artist who wants proffesional success in the United States can accomplish it with an O1 visa, especially for professionals with special skills in areas such as the arts, sports, medicine and research.

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