The high rate of birth of Latin American babies in the United States positions Hispanics as the most numerous minority. Placing them ahead of African-Americans. However, Latin Americans are not the only ones crafting strategies to have babies on American soil. This situation has both advantages and disadvantages.


All babies born in the country are American citizens from the moment of birth. Regardless of the status of their parents at the time or whether they are residents or not.

It is also important to note that a passport may be procured for the newborn based on their birth certificate.

The baby will be a citizen for life. Unless they decide to renounce to it on their own account, or in the case of their participation in an activity or event that make them lose it.

It does not matter if the baby is only a few days old – when they go back home. They will always be an American citizen.


The most important thing is to have medical insurance. Or to pay immediately all the medical expenses related to the birth.

In some cases, if the parents of the baby do not have insurance, a petition is filed to cover said expenses with Medicaid. This is a medical insurance financed by the government and it covers the medical expenses of the poorest. In such cases, the Visa may be cancelled.

Remember that this medical insurance financed by the government covers the medical expenses of the poorest among Americans and of certain foreigners such as legal permanent residents, refugees and asylum seekers. In the majority of cases tourists do not have insurance, for which reason medical expenses are not covered by Medicaid.

The problem lays in the fact that many tourists go back to their home countries and forget to pay the pending debt. As it has been previously stated, one of the conditions for being granted the Tourist Visa is not becoming an economic burden to the United States.


If you have been granted the Tourist Visa, it is advisable to purchase a good medical insurance for both yourself and your family. Likewise, you must save extra money for any unforeseen events that may take place during your stay.

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