It is not a secret to anyone. There is a large number of Latinos living in the United States who have made an impact on the U.S. economy through their workforce.

Apple, following the guidelines of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), presented a study conducted by the technology company of Cupertino in order to analyze the composition of gender and racial heritage of its approximately 72,494 workers in the U.S.

The result of this study, which was published on the Apple website, reflected how the number of Latinos who work for the company has increased significantly.

With regard to 2014, Apple has increased its workforce by 24%. In 2015, 12% (8,520) of its workers were Latinos.

Another striking fact that the study found was the number of Hispanics in the “sales positions”. 3662 Latinos (43%) work as salespeople, whereas 2,071 of them work in technical areas.

Not only the number of Hispanics has increased significantly, but also the number of African American employees. According to the study, 1,475 more African Americans were hired, which represents an increase of 31%.

The study shows that the company welcomes Latinos, and that Latinos consider Apple one of their favorite places to work at. For example, Millennials preferred Apple in 23.14%, and it was only overtaken by the admirable Google company. Apple surpassed other firms like Facebook (14.96%), Microsoft (12.24%) and Amazon (11.36%).