According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center and based on 6,000 interviews done between August 27th and October 4th 2015, one of the ethnic groups that most trusts the government, with unquestionable credibility in elected politicians, is Hispanics.

Above the rest of the ethnic groups in the United States, Hispanics trust always or most of the time in government representatives. In fact, they trust the government more (28%) than Afro Americans (23%) or Non-white Hispanics (15%) do. Only 19% of Americans trust the government always or most of the time.

Another interesting aspect is that the elected politicians’ reputation is so low that 55% of the interviewed consider that the “common American citizen” could do a better job when solving national problems.

 When asked what the role of the federal government should be, most Americans wish that it had a greater influence in the solution of problems like terrorism and natural disasters or in the improvement of education and environmental policies.

With respect to government intervention in service delivery, 80% of Republicans and Independents with Republican tendencies said that they would like the government to minimize its intervention. Meanwhile, only 31% of Democrats prefer a limited role.

The survey also indicated that Republican candidates without political experience like Donald Trump and Ben Carson are still ahead in the 2016 presidential race polls.

According to the Pew Research Center, the first surveys conducted in 1958 indicated that three quarters of Americans trusted that the government always or most of the time made the right decisions. It was since 1960, due to the Vietnam War and later the Watergate Scandal in the 70s, that people’s trust began to weaken.