Another Hispanic has been added to the list of employees of the White House. Her name is Gabriela Chojkier, a 37-year-old Argentine-American who has the great responsibility of keeping and improving the influential relationship between Obama and the Latino community in the United States and in the rest of there continent.

Chojkier grew up in the U.S. Her parents, both Argentines, arrived in the country to improve their family’s quality of life and to offer them greater opportunities for the future. She has a degree in international relations from Tufts University, and earned his master’s degree in communications at John Hopkins University

The current spokeswoman of Hispanic descent has always maintained contact with her porteño roots, and has contributed to the country through different solidarity and education events related to Argentina.

Now that Obama will travel to Cuba in March, and then to Argentina, it is the perfect moment for Chojkier to perform her functions as spokeswoman.Moreover, Chojkier will be accompanying Obama in his last and very important year in office, a decisive year in which elections will be held, and Democrats will try to keep their legacy for four more years.

Previously, Chojkier served as communications adviser in the Latin America and the Caribbean Office of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and worked in California for Democrat Bob Filner. She also served as communications officer in the Open Society Foundations, and worked in the World Bank.