Continuing with our previous Green Card series:

4. Judge of the work of others

One way to prove that you have risen to the top of your field is having been selected to serve as a judge (individually or as part of a panel) of the work of others in your field. For example, you should provide information describing the event, why were you chosen to be on this panel? Who else was on this panel? Who else was considered and either chosen or overlooked to be part of this panel? What did those who selected you feel qualified you to judge others? Further evidence would include press coverage, photographs, letters of recognition, etc. Examples of such events are festivals and general competitions.

5. Your ORIGINAL contributions to the field

What unique contributions have you made to your field? Have you developed a new artistic style that others have implemented into their act? Have you contributed unique ideas and techniques within the industry? Evidence of this effect can be documented through recognition letters, photos, press coverage, etc. A HOT TIP in this category is to show how others are utilizing your contributions and how you have impacted the field as a whole.

6. Authorship

This category exemplifies that not all of the 10 criterion stated in the regulations are to be applied to every field. We see this category mostly used in the sciences, education, and business, usually not the field of arts. You should provide copies of your original work and most importantly you need to establish the specific significance of your work and how it sets you apart from others in your field. One way to establish your credibility is to provide evidence that others have cited your work within theirs. Does the field utilize your technique or research in general, show it citations and letters.

We wrap up this series with the next post and offer our final 5 hot tips.