The standard immigration processing time for an O-1 visa is between 90-120 days. However, it may take less or more time given the particular complexity of the case, or if immigration requests additional evidence.

If a speedy response is required the individual can opt for Premium Processing. Premium Processing is a service offered by USCIS in which the individual pays an addition $1,000.00 USD and obtains a response in fifteen (15) calendar days.

The immigration processing time for an Eb1.1 Extraordinary Ability Petition (Green Card) visa generally takes much longer. It’s important to note that the “Green Card” process has two steps. First, filing the Eb1.1 Petition, and then filing the actual Green Card application. One of the benefits of being an individual of extraordinary ability is that you may file the Eb1.1 Petition at the same time as the Green Card application, or you may apply for the Eb1.1 petition by itself initially, and upon approval of the Eb1.1, then file the Green Card application. That being stated, the Eb1.1 petition can take between 9-12 months for a decision, even though we are seeing much quicker approvals lately, and the Green Card application takes about 3-5 months after. If done together and approved, you can possibly have a Green Card in less than one year.

USCIS and visa

Recently, USCIS began offering premium processing for Eb1.1 petitions as well. In the case of premium processing for an Eb1.1 the individual would pay an additional $1000.00 USD and obtain a response in fifteen (15) calendar days.

In addition to immigration processing times, you need to take into account the time that it will take you to gather all required documentation and the time it will take your attorney to prepare your case.

Law firms will require varying degrees of time to prepare an O-1 petition. Keep in mind, however, that your attorney will be required to request advisory opinions on your behalf from the national offices of an appropriate management organization and the national office of an appropriate labor union which each have processing times of their own of about one week.

Be wary of law firms that guarantee an exceedingly speedy preparation of your case for two main reasons: (1) You do not want to go to a law firm where the attorney simply hands off your documents to a paralegal whose main objective is to expeditiously file your case. You want the hands-on supervision of a professional whose goal is the quality of the being presented; (2) You want an attorney that will take their time in formulating a legal argument and apply the proper strategy in preparing your petition.

From the submission of your last document, our firm has a processing time of 30 to 45 days, with quicker processing time available on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee, as to the time we take to prepare and file an application with the Immigration Service.