Depression is a mood disorder that many people experience throughout their lives, either through the loss of a loved one, some sad experiences, problems, stress and even by fear. Many immigrants experience depression when they are going through changes.

It is not easy to leave the country and try to make a new life in a totally new place, but it is not impossible. One of the main causes of this depression is family separation, particularly in the case of Latinos, which tend to have a very strong family culture and quite important ties.

Any change is difficult at the beginning but gradually people are adapting and overcoming adversity.

What might be some keys to avoid it? The following are some recommended by the neurolinguistic specialist Glenda Travieso.

1) Try to be flexible

It is very important that people leave on one side the paradigms and try to fit the new habits, customs and rules of the new country.


2) Stop yearning

It does not mean that the immigrants will forget their family and friends, nor forget their country and their customs. But, it is important that they are present in their new life.


3) Prepare to face the changes

It is natural; the shock to come to a country is hard. It is a new country where the immigrants feel the unknown, where there’s no professional recognition. The immigrant should be able to change some aspects of their career or maybe pursue another job, at least for a time.

It is important to take advantage of new opportunities.


4) Have a purpose

The most important thing is to have goals for the short and medium term. Set goals that motivate!


5) Get active

Being active is the most important. Having books on hand is a good idea, use them constructively and creatively. Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle is another option, in case the immigrant decided to be isolated; this will affect their health, not only physically, but also mentally.

6) No final decisions.

We all establish a plan, and we want it to be fulfilled, but we can’t anchor to a single plan. That plan may change if you set new goals, and forget the others. This is not synonymous of failure, changes are needed.


7) Become an active immigrant

Integrate to the new community, participate, do not complain nor do engage in the negative. There are much more positive things to focus on. The main thing is to understand the culture of the new country, its social norms, laws and obligations.

With the right advice the immigrant does not have to go through moments of crisis or stress, although the process of obtaining a visa or green card takes time and is not easy, with the support of a qualified attorney the applicant may be quieter and safer .

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