A tourist visa allows you to visit the United States for three months approximately.

After that, the visa expires and you have to go back to your country. However, there are different ways to have your visa extended.

How is this possible? Follow these steps:

  1. I-539 Form

Fill in the I-539 form, print it and submit it at the nearest USCIS office.

  1. I-94 Form

The I-94 form must be submitted along with the I-539 one in either its paper or its digital version. Remember that this is the document that you are given when you enter the U.S.

  1. Explain Your Reasons

In order to have your tourist visa extended, you must write a text in English explaining in detail why you would like your visa to be extended.

  1. Bill

If you want your visa to be extended, you have to pay $290. Attach a copy of the bill to the file that you will submit at the USCIS office.


The USCIS will notify you in writing if your request to have your tourist visa extended was approved. In case you change your place of residence, let the authorities know as soon as possible, otherwise, the notification may get lost.