By definition the O1 visa is a temporary work visa available to those individuals who have “extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics”. This means: Actors, Entertainers, Performers, Musicians, and Singers. Yes it means Artists, but it also applies to Directors, Producers, Script Writer, Director’s of Photography, Editors, and most film, television and theater professionals.

But who else? Authors, Professors, Architects, Graphic Designers, Journalist, Chefs, Scientists, Physicians, Business Executives, Athletes in all team sports, athletes in individual sports like Golf, Tennis, Car Racing and Equine sports. Yes, all those may be eligible. How about hobbies? One persons’ hobby is another’s profession and how they make a living. The O1 visa is for Poker Players, Pool Players, Skateboarders, Extreme Sport athletes, Martial Arts Experts…Darts anyone.

You do not have to be an Olympic Athlete or Oscar winning Actor. If you can show an expertise, talent or higher than average skill in almost any area of science, art, education, business, or athletics, you might qualify for an O1 visa and you should consider it when you are exploring your Visa options.