It is no secret that there is a large number of immigrants investing in the United States. As a matter of fact, Hispanics are the group with the highest percentage of entrepreneurs.

This is why it is necessary to know which are the best and the worst states to do business.

General List of the 10 Best States to Do Business

Every year, many lists on the best and worst states to do business appear. However, we have decided to show you the list that Forbes published, which used the following variables: the economic potential for the future, the availability of workers, health regulation and other important aspects.

  1. Utah, which stands out for its growth potential (population: 2,963,000)
  2. North Carolina, which has a favorable regulation for business (population: 9,992,000)
  3. Nebraska, also with an excellent regulatory environment (population: 1,877,600)
  4. North Dakota, with good economic climate, influenced by hydrocarbons (population: 744.600)
  5. Colorado, the No. 1 state in terms of labor standards (population: 5,397,200)
  6. Texas, the state with the best economic climate (population: 27,187,700)
  7. Virginia, the best state from the regulatory point of view (population: 8,355,200)
  8. Indiana, the best in terms of regulation after Virginia (population: 6,608,900)
  9. South Dakota, the state with the lowest cost for doing business (population: 856.200)
  10. Washington, a state with excellent growth prospects (population: 7,108,400)

According to investors, these are the five most positive states to do business: Tennessee, Oregon, Utah, Pennsylvania and Texas.

Interestingly, California, New York and Florida, which have a strong Latino presence, do not appear on the lists of the most favorable states to do business.

Do not miss outon our next article, which will be about the worst states to do business.